Vegas, Baby

Welp, didn’t blog for two days. The streak is losing power.

Words spoken before my first trip to Vegas:

“Are you going to hit the strip club?”

“I hope you black out so hard you don’t remember anything.”

I don’t gamble. I don’t go to strip clubs. I DO like to eat at buffets, that part was great.

Jenine’s uncle was getting married to his girlfriend of quite a few years. The ceremony took place in a courtyard outside Caesar’s Palace. Not a huge wedding, just some family, friends, and his niece’s freeloading boyfriend.

The priest came up and did his thing. As the two lovebirds recited their vows, their teenage daughter shed a tear. Aw. Props to her for standing in the sweltering heat throughout the entire ceremony. People had warned me how hot Vegas was. I took off my jacket.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Applause and cheers erupted in the courtyard. The newlyweds walked down the aisle with concerned looks on their faces. Wait. Something was wrong. Jenine’s cousin reached over and caught their seventy-something-year-old grandpa, who had just passed out under the direct sunlight.

They took off his jacket, setting up a fan to give him some air. The medic arrived, checking his temperature as Lolo regained consciousness.

“He needs electrolytes. Gatorade or something.”

Jenine’s dad rushed out of the courtyard. I followed him, in case he needed assistance. Why not, right? We found a convenience store around the corner, where he purchased an orange Gatorade. He pulled out his wallet, then passed me the drink before paying.

“Can you run this back?”

Heck yeah, I can.

Boom. I sped off like Woody Woodpecker, back in twenty seconds flat. As I approached Jenine’s grandpa, time slowed as I passed him the bottle. Like an Olympic runner passing the baton. For a brief moment, our eyes made contact. I could feel one word reverberate through my soul. Appppprooooooovaaaaal. 

Jenine’s dad did me a solid, letting me look good in front of the entire Lim clan. Make no mistake, I was extremely grateful. It can be hard to find moments to connect with your girlfriend’s family when you only see them once in a blue moon.

Grandpa Lim turned out fine. He was back at full health, enjoying the Vegas-style buffet with the rest of us. The bride and groom were frazzled by the unexpected turn of events, but relieved that nothing major had happened. Besides their holy union before the Lord, of course.

I didn’t go to any strip clubs or drink ’til my eyes bled. I did walk the strip with Jenine and her cousins. Got some dope pizza. It was a good trip.

Josh out.

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