What Do You Think Of This Movie Idea?

I think I’m going to write a feature film screenplay. Been toying around with a couple ideas. My biggest struggle is choosing an idea and sticking with one. Here, I’ll tell you what it was:

A self-righteous cop discovers a parallel universe where he murdered his own daughter. He goes to exact justice on his alternate self.

Not too shabby, right? It’d be a cool action thriller. Throw in some crazy action scenes, build a solid character arc, add a dash of humor, and voila, I should have a decent script, right?

Wrong. Within minutes of trying to write this thing, I was already bored. I was almost surprised with how quickly boredom overcame me.

I tried starting with an outline. Um, okay…what should the first scene be? No idea. Let’s think about the ending. Brian had this cool idea where the parallel universe isn’t actually a parallel universe. It’s the same universe, but in the future by a year or so. Meaning that in a year, that cop becomes so corrupted he kills his own offspring, and his past self is unwittingly hunting him down. Wow! That’s cool!

Now I have to build up to that. Uh…gee. I think I need some side characters. Ooh, I had this idea for a character who’s a lousy criminal bum in one reality, but the equivalent of Mother Teresa in another. And the cop would have to work with him to take down himself.

Why a parallel universe though? How is that discovered? I feel like I would do so many other things besides hunt down my evil self if a parallel universe was discovered. Ugh. I’m discovering plot holes in my plot before it even exists.

I don’t know, what do you guys think of this idea? Give me some feedback in the comment section below, if you wish. Is it too serious? I don’t think I’m good at writing serious dramas; I’m way better at comedies. But this isn’t exactly a comedy.

Josh out.

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