10% Battery

My laptop has ten percent battery left. Let’s see if I can finish a blog post before then.

Okay, I’ve typed one sentence and now I’m at eight percent battery. Great. I was too busy watching The Good Place on Netflix. It’s a fantastic show.

I need to write a treatment for a movie. It’s upsetting to me that I haven’t done something like this earlier. Or that I’m not writing new scripts all the time.

Six percent. See, writing is actually my favorite part of filmmaking. I love creating new worlds, new characters, etc. Not sure how good I am at it, but practice makes perfect, doesn’t it.

Five percent. I just got a low battery warning. I could get off this bed and grab my power cable, but that’s too much effort.

I have one week to finish a treatment and send it to a friend. That’s my goal.

What the…my computer just went up from five percent to six percent. Weird.

Why is this important? I recently watched an interview with the great filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, whose films I have yet to see. When asked to give advice to young filmmakers, he said, and I paraphrase, write. Filmmaking is expensive. But it costs nothing to sit down with a pen and paper and commit to the slow, monotonous task of writing one word at a time.

Four percent. Most people don’t have the patience. They just want to get on set and direct, shoot, edit…you know, the fun stuff. But a surprising amount of people won’t dedicate the time to just write.

I’m trying to do that now. Every day. Sure, some blog posts will be better than others. Some will be absolutely horrible. But it doesn’t matter.

I’m realizing that half this blog is me convincing myself not to give up writing. If you’re reading this, I hope you find some amusement. For those of you who follow me on social media, notice that I’ll only promote a new blog post when it’s something I’m proud of. UGH…I hate ending sentences on a preposition.

Three percent. How do I word that sentence so it doesn’t end with of. Oh….I’ll only promote a new blog post when I’m proud of it. There we go. When I write, I’m just typing the words that enter my brain in whatever order they arrive. It’s not proper grammar and there are tons of adverbs.

I hate adverbs. Try writing any sentence, then after you’re done, delete any adverbs if present and see if the sentence changes.

Two percent. I should just publish this blog post. Not gonna risk entering that one percent territory.

Josh out.

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