Getting Older

College is now high school to me when I was in college. Does that make sense? Sorry if that sounds like an obvious statement, but for some reason, I’ve been hit over the head with similar thoughts for the past week.

I’m no longer at the same stage of life from three years ago.

Three years ago, I had just moved to California. Hanging out at college circles with college students. Now when I hang out with people my age, I look around and think, “Wow, we all have jobs.” Not used to that.

No one my age is wasting their life in an economical sense. If you are, you’re a social outcast. For example, if you’re a college student who plays video games all day, you could still be categorized as a kid who hasn’t discovered his true potential or whatever. But if you’re twenty-five, jobless, and game for six hours a day, then people start to raise an eye.

If I talk to someone about their age, I often think they’re the same age as me, but in reality, they’re three or four years younger. I’m about to turn twenty-five in a month and a half, so I see everyone to be around twenty-five. I kid you not, it’s happened twice over the past week.

Taylor says the second half of your twenties is the “uncool” part of your twenties. Or something like that.

Dang it, Josh, why are you so mopey about age all of a sudden? I’m sorry you still think you’re seventeen, but you’re not. If you don’t fully appreciate your current stage of life, you’ll miss it even more when it’s passed. 

I don’t like putting things in bold. I like to have a “style” of writing, which means sticking strictly to sentence structure and sometimes italics to communicate your thoughts. But that sentence just felt appropriate in bold.

I do like being twenty-four. I enjoy living in a house with four other awesome roommates. We throw fun parties. We experience life together. We grow together. Granted, it’s like the blind leading the blind since we’re all in our early twenties. I need a mentor or something. Gosh.

Let me end this blog post with a cute gif of my girlfriend watching Stranger Things 2. We had been webcamming while we both watched, and I took screenshots of her during highly emotional scenes.

Jenine Watching Stranger Things 2.gif

Josh out.

P.S. I’m really not putting any effort into titling these posts, am I? Getting Older? What kind of title is that? Literally every post of mine could be titled Getting Older. Gosh Josh, do you want your blog to gain a following or not?



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