Alternate Versions of Josh

I’m at a croissant and boba shop called…Mini’s Croissants and Boba. Who would’ve guessed. They have this photo of a scrumptious looking strawberry banana and nutella crepe on their wall. I ordered it, not realizing it was the size of a puppy. So I’m gonna blog for a bit while I devour this monstrosity.

These blog posts will get shorter the busier I am. That’s okay. As long as I’m writing every day. Hey, that’s rhymed. Yay.

I’m not even sure if writing every day is making me a better writer, if you couldn’t tell by the poetic masterpiece in the previous paragraph. But writing is better than not writing, right?

Sigh. What am I doing with my life. I need a real job.

I’ve been working pretty consistently. Freelance, though. There’s no end of people who need their short film finished, or a client who wants some cheap visual effects. It’s a relief, knowing that I contribute to society in some odd way, compensated with money.

I think about alternate universes a lot. I don’t believe they exist, but it’s fun to imagine. Somewhere outside our space time continuum, there exists a Josh who is still chilling on his parents’ couch, dreaming up another novel. Stuck in a minimum wage job in New Jersey. Ironically, that Josh probably has more money than this version of Josh. Los Angeles is expensive.

The crazy thing? God loves that version of Josh just as much as He loves me. God loves the version of Josh that never did anything with his life and died a lonely death. God loves the version of Josh that ate three hundred chicken nuggets and died from overconsumption. I’m not sure why all these examples end in death. I think I’m trying to make a profound statement, but it’s missing the mark.

My point is, there’s nothing you can do to prevent the love of God. You can only reject it. That’s kind of deep.

I wonder how many of these blogs posts will actually be “good.” I thought the one about me needing to be popular was pretty dang awesome. Whatever. I enjoy writing either way.

Since I’m writing new content every day, I’ve been thinking of vlogging once a week. It’d be as simple as reading out any post I’ve written that week. Probably wouldn’t be one as random as this, but you get the point. It’d be good practice for public speaking, a skill I enjoy and want to develop. Become a “Youtuber.” Gosh, no. Or…yes? I do need money.

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