Reading The Bible Every Day

I’ve read the Bible with Jenine once a day for the entirety of 2018. We’re on day seventy-eight. They say it takes ninety day to make a habit, but it already feels quite habitual. I realized that no matter how busy I am, if I make it a priority, I can always take less than ten minutes to read a few passages of Scripture.

The fun part about reading it with Jenine is that I get to experience it through her eyes. See, this is her first time reading the entire book. I accidentally spoiled that Jesus rose from the dead, but she didn’t mind.

Dang, this “writing every day” thing is getting tiring. Especially when I approach the blank screen with nothing on my mind. I need to go to the new Pacific Rim movie premiere in a few minutes, so gotta make this quick.

We’re doing the chronological Bible reading plan, so I’m trudging through the Old Testament rules and laws right now. It can get a bit boring. If I wasn’t reading with a partner, I might’ve lost motivation. It’s true. Yet in a day and age where many preach a God of love and leave out the wrath, it’s a good reminder of who God truly is, and not who we want Him to be.

Yes, some of the rules are strange and archaic. But they’re not scary. Instead, it makes me more curious. What about the nature of God have I not yet discovered? Seeking these answers is, in a way, my life’s purpose.

That certainty makes me confident. Alright, reading the bible and writing every day. My two new habits that will define 2018 for me. I’m already wondering, how different will I be at the end of the year compared to the beginning because of these new habits?

Only time will tell.

Josh out.

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