Whiting Every Day

I’ve been listening to a podcast called Whiting Wongs. Strange title, yes, but it’s tongue in cheek. It features two writers of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon and Jessica Gao, discussing racial issues within the entertainment industry, with tons of great writing advice along the way.

As far as I can tell from the emails and feedback they receive, most of their audience is white. It’s interesting listening to this podcast as a minority, thinking, “Wow, is that how white people actually perceive us?” See, I grew up in Chinatown, Manhattan, so I didn’t see too many white people for the first fifteen years of my life.

Then we moved to New Jersey. But even though most of our neighbors were white, we still attended a mostly Asian church and hung out in Asian circles, so I can’t say I’ve ever really felt discrimination.

Because of this, I never considered myself an advocate for Asian…rights? Issues? I don’t even know the correct terminology, to be honest. A couple close friends in LA are very involved in Asian American ACTIVISM, that’s the word! Had to google it just now. Maybe I’m just dumb. That’s one stereotype down.

I feel like if I blog about a weighty topic like this, I need to have some profound insight, or really dig deep into my stance on the issue. The truth is, I’m still learning, finding out that my experience is not the same as everyone else’s.

Wong Fu Productions, a popular Youtube channel that makes, you guessed it, Asian-related short films. During the making of their first feature film, they played up the fact that this was a movie starring and made by Asians, in order to get people to fund their Indiegogo campaign. I still supported it, but deep down I thought, “What does it matter if the film stars Asians unless it’s actually a good film? Shouldn’t they be promoting the story, not the Asian-ness of the story?”

But I get it now. Especially after seeing Black Panther. If the media we ingest can change the world’s perspective on African-Americans, it can be the same for Asians.

This post was originally titled “Writing Every Day” and I was going to talk about how this podcast has inspired me to blog every day, practice those writing muscles, etc. But then I got side-tracked with a topic too complex for my quick daily thoughts. I’ll probably be hit with some revelatory insight about race one day and blog it here.

I don’t think this is a great blog post. My thoughts are all jumbled up. But the point is to not over-analyze my own writing and just write. And I’m going to write. Every. Single. Day. Building habits that will make me great. Eventually.

Alright, Josh out.

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