Well, It’s Technically Tomorrow…

Should I write a new blog post now? Too late, I am.

I recently had a huge writing revelation. One of my many writing weaknesses has always been dialogue. People have told me all my characters sound the same. It’s like I’m playing hand puppets, making slightly different voices for each character but every voice stemming from the same person.

A few days ago, I figured it out. Or Jenine figured it out. She told me that writing great character dialogue means listening to your characters. Figure out what they want to say, or would say. My problem is that I like talking too much. In real life conversations, I often find myself just waiting for the other person to finish talking so I can say my witty remark. And that habit bleeds into my writing.

I technically am putting myself into the character, but I’m only having them say the cool line I would’ve said if I were them. It’s not true to who they are.

Okay, that was three paragraphs of about this stupid writing revelation. I’m sure there’s a way to condense it into 1-2 sentences. It’s 1:28 AM and I’ve been up since 6:30 AM. I’m exhausted.

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