I Lost A Domain Today

A couple years ago, I was obsessed with collecting domains. Never used half of them. It was like trademarking ideas for me. After a while, I began deleting most of the domains I wasn’t using, just to pinch a few more pennies.

For some reason, I decided to check one of my old sites, (themansionbook.com), to see if it was still running and to my surprise, I landed on a Ralph Lauren shopping page.

I didn’t care that much. My novel sold around twenty copies and I considered renaming it anyway. But it felt like I adopted a child, then abandoned it.

This is a horrible first post. But I’m writing! That’s the point of this. My goal is to jot down some thoughts every day, practice writing, make good habits, etc. I just listened to a podcast called Whiting Wongs by Dan Harmon and Jessica Gao, two writers I admire, and they mentioned how they both blogged obsessively before they became writers, so now I’m just blatantly trying to follow their footsteps.

Even as my fingers hit the keyboard, my heart is screaming at me, “THIS IS NOT INTERESTING. NO ONE WILL WANT TO READ THIS.” That’s the point, idiot. It’s practice. It’s infinitely better than not practicing. Case in point: my first two years in Los Angeles. I came here to write and create and I’ve barely done that. I need to teach myself to write every day, create every day, just do things every day and soon…habits will follow.


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